pipe fitting list

galvanized pipe fittings price list

galvanized pipe fittings price list

Our Products: Mallealbe Iron Pipe Fittings-Galvanized and Black

Material: Malleable cast iron.

Standard threads: BSPTT (ISO 7/1), NPT (ASME B16.3)

Chemical properties: (C %2.4-2.9), (Si %1.4-1.9), (Mn %0.4-0.65), (P% <0.1), (S% <0.2%)

Physical properties: Tensile strength >= 350 MPa, elongation >= 10%, hardness <= 150 HB

Working pressure: 2.5 MPa

Surface: Galvanised/Black

Model: Elbows, tees, crosses, elbows, couplings, bushings, nipple, hexagonal/round caps, plugs, flanges, side outlet tees, side outlet elbows, etc.

Shapes: Equal / Reducing diameter

Certificates: FM,UL,CE,ISO9001

Applications: Suitable for fire protection piping systems, air, gas, oil, etc.

Can be customized according to the customer's drawing

Package Carton without pallet

Carton with pallet Double woven bags or as requested by the buyer

Delivery details Depend on the quantity and specifications of each order. Normal delivery time is within 35 days of receipt of deposit

galvanized pipe fittings price list


galvanized pipe fittings price list

With JIANZHI galvanized fittings, you get the most reliable quality at an affordable price. Since 1982, JIANZHI has been proven to provide galvanized fittings with outstanding performance! 

For a low initial cost, you get the highest quality and longest service life of galvanized fittings. In addition, there are other benefits such as easy installation, handling, and virtually no maintenance required.

If you are looking for black iron fittings and galvanized pipe fittings, jianzhi is your best source. We have been in the industry since 1982 and we also offer the most cost-effective high quality malleable cast iron fittings on the market. Our pipe fitting prices will be offered based on the current market, so you can get a fair deal from us. Please feel free to send us your inquiries at your convenience.

Look forward to hearing from you

Contact us for any information you need. As for a quote, you can contact our sales team or complete the form below, we will reply to it promptly.


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Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China.

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