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About Black Iron Pipe Fittings

There are many reasons why your installation needs black iron pipe fittings, so if so, turn to the JIANZHI black iron specialists for great prices. Black iron is perfect for heating and cooling applications. Whatever you need, you'll find the right fitting here.

One of the hardest materials available, black iron is malleable, and black iron fittings are hardened to ensure they can withstand the extreme pressure of screwing parts into place. They are not designed to be bent and attempts to do so may result in cracking. These ductile fittings are also not suitable for welding. As a result it can be a little expensive, even with our high pricing. Black iron fittings can withstand the stresses and hazards associated with gas piping.


black iron pipe fittings uses

black iron pipe fittings is compatible with gases and is most widely used in fire sprinkler systems as the pipes are very resistant to high temperatures. Although once more popular than today, you will still find black iron pipe fittings in plumbing and HVAC systems in homes and commercial premises across the country. Water will corrode black iron, making it unsuitable for use in plumbing. The advantage of black iron is that, unlike steel, pipes and fittings do not need to be welded together.

Types of black iron fittings

The following is a list of the most common fittings you will encounter.

Elbows - This part allows you to bend the supply line and redirect it. We offer 45 and 90 degree elbows in a variety of sizes.

Tees - There are two basic types to choose from when purchasing black iron tee fittings. There are tees that connect the same diameter pipe, and tees that connect smaller lines to larger lines. Make sure you get the correct part.

Bushing reducers - These fittings allow you to extend the pipe, but reduce it in the process.

Couplings, reducer - These black iron pipe fittings join two pipes together and can be of the "reduced" variety. The coupling is made from a solid piece of black iron

Couplings - very similar to couplings, the difference with live couplings is that they are the ideal fitting for quick maintenance.

Plugs and caps - they actually plug the end of the pipe.

Black iron fittings can be relatively expensive, but we recommend that you reduce your costs in two ways: 

(1) buy from the manufacturer to get the best price on the internet for your pipe, and JIANZHI is your choice for the best black iron fitting manufacturer; 

(2) plan your system strategically to reduce the number of fittings required to complete it, and you can contact us for expert planning and advice on the number of fittings required to complete it.

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Buy wholesale black iron fittings

You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search for the black iron fittings products you need. This will enable you to quickly find the black iron fittings you need. Likewise, if you encounter any problems while browsing the site, or need a question answered, please feel free to contact our friendly staff and a member of our team can point you in the right direction. 

Get cost-effective black iron pipe fittings from JIANZHI


Our wholesale black pipe fittings are made from malleable iron, which helps them withstand high temperatures and pressure. This makes black iron fittings and supplies the preferred choice for transporting water, oil or gas. Whether you work in a commercial or residential setting, our wholesale black pipe fittings and supplies are a great addition to your toolkit. Choose a style of fitting, whether it's an elbow, tee, coupling, flange union or bushing, and you'll see options for brands, sizes and prices. If you want to buy in bulk, we offer wholesale discounts and easy financing plans for bulk orders. Get started today and take a look at our black fittings.


Simply email us a list of items you would like to order.

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