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1/4 pipe fittings

1/4 pipe fittings(1/4 inch pipe fittings) refers to a pipe fitting with a specification of 1/4 inch. This means that its inner diameter or connection diameter is 1/4 inch. Pipe fittings 

are used to connect, extend, redirect, or control liquid, gas, or solid fluids in piping systems. These fittings can be of different types, such as flanges, tees, crosses, couplings,

 sleeves, etc., and their type and feature depend on the specific piping system needs.

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1/4 pipe fittings are usually used in small piping systems or in applications requiring lower flow rates. They have a variety of practical uses and can be found in household 

water pipes, air compression systems, laboratory equipment, and more.

Material quality of 1/4 pipe fittings:These pipe fittings are usually made of different materials, including metals (such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) and plastics 

(such as PVC, PE, PP, etc.). The specific choice depends on the nature of the fluid in the pipe, temperature, pressure and other environmental conditions.

1/4 pipe fittings size:Our fittings come in a variety of sizes, and you can rest assured that 1/4 fittings are compatible with your plumbing system.

Certification of 1/4 pipe fittings:Our 1/4 pipe fittings haveFM certification, CE certification, UL certification and comply with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards to ensure

 product quality and safety.

Delivery time for 1/4 pipe fittings:We will deliver on time, within 7 days for spot samples and about 35 days for large quantities.

In short, 1/4 pipe fittings refer to pipe fittings with a 1/4-inch inner diameter or connection diameter. They play an important role in connecting and controlling fluids in 

piping systems.

Choosing the right 1/4 pipe fittings is crucial to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the pipeline system. If you have any questions about 1/4 fittings, you can 

click here to contact us, and we will provide you with security and preferential prices.

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