Black Pipe Fittings

Plumbing Joints Union Nut Fig. 374

Size: 1/8''-6''(DN6-DN150)

Standard: EN10242 / ANSI / ASME B16.3 / DIN2950 / IS0 49 / NBR6943 / IS1879 / BS EN10242

Threaded Standard: EN10226 / ASME B.1.20.1 / DIN2999 / ISO7-1 / ISO228 / IS554 / BS EN10226

Work Pressures: PN25 / 2.5Mpa / 363PSI /CLASS 150 / 40Bar

UL Listed /FM Approved /CE /ABNT /TSE /SNI /ISI

Plumbing Joints Union Nut Fig. 374

Product Description

Maximum Pressure: 25 BAR (363PSI) (2.5MPA) CLASS 150

Maximum Temperature: 200°C (392°F)

Tensile Strength: 350MPA

Hardness: HB150 (Brinell)

Elongation Rate: 25%

Suitable Applications: Water, Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical

Material: Malleable Iron

What will affect the price adjustment of malleable steel pipe fittings?

1. As the casting raw materials and related auxiliary materials of malleable steel pipe fittings change in price and the cost of galvanizing changes, the manufacturers of malleable steel pipe fittings will also increase the sales price of malleable steel pipe fittings to ensure the normal survival of the enterprise.

2.In China, due to the control of environmental protection, foundry enterprises will be issued with a notice to stop production according to the air pollution index to reduce waste emissions.

Therefore, for manufacturers, if they can only produce 10 months out of 12 months a year, it is equivalent to an increase in production costs.

Therefore, malleable steel pipe fitting manufacturers will also increase the price of product sales to ensure the normal survival and development of the enterprise.

In order to cope with this part of the cost loss of malleable steel pipe fittings, Jianzhi Group has set up a branch plant in Inner Mongolia and introduced the most advanced environmental protection equipment to ensure that it will not be restricted by environmental protection policies and continuously produce for 12 months throughout the year to reduce the production cost.

Product Dimensions

Plumbing Joints Union Nut Fig. 374

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