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Ductile iron pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) is a widely used piping material in hydraulic transmission, water supply, and drainage systems. So, how is Ductile Iron Pipe joined? Let's find out.

Plastic cast iron pipe is mainly connected in the following ways:

1. Flanged Connection:

Flanged connection is one of the common connection methods for plasticized cast iron pipe. This type of connection uses flanges at both ends of the pipe and bolts the flanges together. Flanged connections are used in many situations, especially for systems that need to be disassembled and serviced frequently.

2. Mechanical Joint:

Mechanical Joint is a type of connection that fastens a sleeve to a pipe. The sleeve is placed at the end of the pipe and bolted together to form a tight joint. This type of connection is suitable for some occasions where high water tightness is required.

3. Push-on Joint:

Push-on joint is an easy and quick connection without the use of bolts. By setting a rubber seal at the end of the pipe, the socket of one pipe is inserted into the port of another pipe to form a tight seal. This type of connection is suitable for some occasions where the water tightness is not too strict.

4. Heat Fusion Joint:

The Heat Fusion Joint is a relatively new method of connecting plasticized cast iron pipe. This method uses heat fusion equipment to heat the ends of the pipe, fusing them to form a strong connection. This type of connection is suitable for applications where there are higher requirements for strength and sealing of the connection.

The choice of the above connection methods depends on the specific application requirements and piping system design. When using plasticized cast iron pipe connections, ensure that you choose the appropriate connection method to ensure the safe, stable, and efficient operation of your piping system.

If you have questions about plasticized cast iron pipe connections or other piping systems, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team will provide you with detailed consultation and services to ensure that your piping system achieves optimal performance.

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