Grooved Pipe Fittings

Equal Grooved Cross XGQT09

Generally, a pipe cross is used to separate branches of a pipeline as a special pipe fitting. The grooved reducing cross is characterized by a reduced diameter, as opposed to other branches. The fitting is called a cross if both pipes are of the same diameter. A wide array of wholesale fittings branches applications are performed by these fittings, including petrochemicals, oil, natural gas, power plants, food sanitation, building construction, and urban development.

Equal Grooved Cross XGQT09

Product Description

Grooved Cross branches fittings are used for grooved pipeline connection, mainly used in the grooved pipe end of the main pipeline where branch pipes are needed. The pipe diameter of the main pipe and the branch pipe are the same.

Product Dimensions

Equal Grooved Cross XGQT09

wholesale fittings branches

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