pipe fitting list

1/2 inch galvanized pipe fittings

1/2 inch galvanized pipe fittings 

1/2 in. BSPT Threaded Tee -363psi Malleable Iron Galvanized Pipe Fitting - UL/FM

363PSI Galvanized pipe fitting

UL listed and FM approved

BSPT British Standard threads and NPT American Standard threads

Material: EN1562 Or ISO5922

Design & Dimensions: EN10242 Or ISO49

Threads: EN10226 Or ISO7-1

Tensile Strength: 350 MPA

Elongation: 10%

Zinc Coating: 70um

Working Pressure: 363 PSI

Independent laboratory verification: fittings comply with the applicable chemical and physical characteristics.

100% airtightness test with 0.6 MPa air pressure to ensure fittings are sealed.


 - Our galvanized pipe fittings durable?

Hot-dip galvanized pipe fittings have a long corrosion life, but this varies in different environments: 13 years in heavy industrial areas, 50 years in the sea, 104 years in the countryside and 30 years in cities.

 - Our galvanized pipe fittings easy to use?

Our pipe fittings are threaded for easy connection and to ensure a tight seal.

 - What are the dimensions of galvanized pipe fittings?

Our pipe fittings are available in sizes from 1/2 into 8inch, but we can also offer a customized service if you require a special size.

1/2 inch galvanized pipe fittings

Fitting types

galvanized Tee  1/2 in.

galvanized Tee Reducing 1/2 in.

galvanized Crosses  1/2 in.

galvanized Back Nut  1/2 in.

Galvanized Backnuts 1/2 in.

galvanized Bush 1/2 in.

galvanized Union Conical 1/2 in.

Galvanized Hex Nipple 1/2 in.

Galvanized 45° Elbow 1/2 in.

Galvanized 90° Elbow 1/2 in. 

Galvanized 90° Reducing Elbow 1/2 in.

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