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galvanized pipe fittings Saudi Arabia

JIANZHI is one of the largest manufacturers of malleable cast iron galvanized pipe fittings in China. The factory is equipped with the latest advanced production and processing equipment, superb craftsmanship and strict and vigilant control of the production process. galvanized pipe fittings have the best quality control and the best standards of accuracy and complete credibility to produce the best quality galvanized pipe fittings in China. its self-invented The "chain-link quality management system" has won provincial awards. Large distributors, agents and engineers of galvanised pipe fittings in China and around the world are its long-term partners.

We supply a wide range of galvanized pipe fittings to our Saudi customers for export to Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Middle East regions. We specialise in galvanised malleable cast iron fittings for industrial applications such as construction, mining, energy production and engineering. We offer galvanised malleable iron fittings from 0.5 to 6 inches in diameter.

Leading manufacturer of galvanised pipe fittings

With the most comprehensive range of galvanized pipe fittings available, we stock a wide range of elbows, pipe clamps, tees, crosses, oil fittings and more, with a total inventory of up to 25,000 tonnes, ensuring fast delivery of orders. To find out more about our galvanized pipe fittings, email us today or contact us online for an up-to-date quote. We satisfy our customers through a combination of proven high quality products, competitive pricing and industry leading levels of customer service.

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The products we produce include

Galvanised Elbows

Elbows are fittings installed between two sections of pipe or piping to allow a change of direction, usually at 90° or 45° angles, with both ends machined to British Standard threads, American Standard threads, or Russian Standard threads. When the two ends differ in size, the fitting is known as a Reducing Elbow, or Reducing Elbow with internal and external threads.

galvanized pipe fittings Saudi Arabia

Galvanised Couplings

Couplings connect two pipes to each other. If the pipes are of different sizes, they are called Reducing Couplings.

galvanized pipe fittings Saudi Arabia

Galvanised Reducers

Reducers allow the pipe size to be changed to meet the flow requirements of the system or to accommodate existing pipes of different sizes. Reducers are usually concentric, but eccentric reducers are used when it is necessary to maintain the same level at the top or bottom of the pipe, and are mostly butt weld fittings, or grooved fittings.

galvanized pipe fittings Saudi Arabia

Galvanised tees

A tee is the most common type of pipe fitting. It is used for combining or splitting fluid flows. It is a T-shaped fitting with two outlets, connected at 90° to the main line. It is a short pipe with a lateral outlet. A tee is used to connect pipes of different diameters or to change the direction of a pipe.

galvanized pipe fittings Saudi Arabia

Also available are GI Cross, GI Plug, GI Cap Plug, GI Nipple, GI Union, GI Reducing Socket, GI Socket, GI Check Nut, GI Tank Nipple, etc.

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