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grooved fittings for fire fighting system

Grooved fittings

Grooved fittings are used to connect risers to control, distribute or support pipes of different sizes or orientations. The use of grooved connections allows for quick installation, easy maintenance, and significant savings in project time.

Grooved fittings make pipe connections much easier. Not all sprinkler fittings are grooved - welding, flagging, and adhesive-based connections are also optional - but today they are fixtures for fire protection and a wide range of other industries. They can be a significant time saver, reducing installation time and the amount of work involved in inspection and maintenance.


Grooved fittings types

Groove couplings that connect two things together (including pipes, valves and any other equipment with grooved ends). 

Other fittings or accessories attached to the piping system (often with couplings) can change the direction of water flow, change the size or type of pipe, act as an outlet or stop the flow of water.

Grooved fittings for sprinklers and pipes are sized to fit the pipe they are connected to - typically 1" to 12" in diameter. For applications involving particularly large pipes (such as water or oil pipelines), grooved fittings manufacturer - 

JIANZHI can supply much larger fittings, specifically manufactured to your requirements.


Groove fitting diameter

These groove fittings generally connect two pipes or fittings of the same diameter: 4" pipe to 4" valve, 2" elbow to 2" pipe, and so on. These fittings are usually available in diameters up to 12". Some manufacturers offer larger models to accommodate pipes over four feet high.


JIANZHI manufacturer offers couplings with grooves and flanged ends, and even couplings with built-in reducers that allow the installer to connect two closely spaced pipes of different sizes. Those reducers are important: while traditional reducer methods require two couplings (one for each pipe size) and a fitting to fit between them, coupling-type reducers offer the same benefits in a more limited space.


However, there are differences between even standard couplings of the same size, one of the most important being the coupling's resistance to vibration.

Grooved rigid couplings join pipes together almost like a weld, creating a straight, tight connection.

Grooved flexible couplings help fire sprinkler systems to withstand earthquakes by creating joints that bend when the building vibrates.

Although rigid types are more common, major fire safety codes may require the use of flexible couplings in some buildings that are exposed to strong vibrations. To find out more about these requirements, see our range of seismic design and fire sprinkler systems.

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Grooved fitting types

Grooved 90° Elbow

Certificate: UL Listed/FM Approved

Standard: UL

Material: EN1562

Pressure: 361PSI

Finish: red painted / hot dip galvanized


Grooved 45° elbow

Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved

Material: EN1562

Pressure: 361PSI

Finish: red lacquered/hot dip galvanized


Grooved 22.5° elbow

Certificate: UL Listed/FM Approved

Material: en1562

Pressure: 361PSI

Finish: red lacquered/hot dip galvanized


Equal Tee

Material: EN1562 Or ISO5922

Design & Dimensions: EN10242 Or 15049

Threads: EN10226 Or IS07-1

Tensile Strength: 350 MPA



We have put together our catalog of groove pipe fittings and the ways in which each fitting can make installing sprinkler systems easier. While no two jobs are exactly the same, it's a robust product line that can help contractors make smooth transitions between different pipe sizes and types - even when turning corners or installing in tight spaces.


Questions? Email us at sales1@jianzhi-fitting.com or browse our full list of recess products.

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