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iron pipe bend

iron pipe fittings are specifically designed for use with earth pipes. These fittings are mainly used in building construction for sanitary and storm drainage, waste and ventilation piping applications. When selecting fittings for drainage or sewerage systems, buyers mostly prefer hard-wearing materials.

iron bends

iron pipe bends are a very important type of pipe fitting. When we talk about an iron pipe bend, it refers to a section of pipe with a sharp bend in it. iron pipe bends are pipe fittings that are widely used in various industrial sectors. Pipe elbows are often used in pressurized applications and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different applications. A pipe elbow is a fitting that is installed between two sections of pipe or tubing and allows for a change of direction, usually in a 90° or 45° direction.

There are certain factors that need to be considered when purchasing the correct iron pipe bend. 

iron pipe bend factors



Standard type

Threaded type

Maximum reliable performance in-

High pressure

High impulse capacity

high vacuum

high vibrations

high temperature


iron pipe bend Features

Robust construction

Dimensional accuracy


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Customized iron pipe bend

iron pipe bends are usually constructed with a 45 or 90-degree bend. Some manufacturers can also manufacture pipe elbows with optional angles. Whether you need a 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 bend or anything in between, the elbow has all the options available. This becomes an easy-to-use two-piece elbow that can be cut and assembled to almost any angle. This capability of the custom elbow is unique and offers the installer unparalleled flexibility and convenience, while greatly simplifying the installation of custom fittings. These elbows come complete with a two-piece optional angle elbow, angle measurement template, and installation instructions


Our product range includes iron pipe bend, tees, couplings, nipples, flanges, and more.

With the support of our excellent team of staff, we have been offering the best quality iron pipe bend. These products are widely used in conveyor lines and flanges due to their hardness. Our professionals manufacture these products using the finest quality metals and ultra-modern technology to adhere to the set industry norms. The offered products are available in different sizes for the customers to choose from. Feel free to contact us if required!


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