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An elbow joint pipe is a pipe fitting usually used in piping systems, usually to change the direction of a pipe. They are designed with specific angles that allow the pipe to change direction despite constant flow of fluid or gas, allowing the piping system to adapt to different spaces constraints or process needs. 

Elbow connecting pipes are usually made of metal (such as stainless steel, copper, etc.) or plastic (such as polypropylene, etc.). The specific material depends on the medium transported in the pipeline and the environmental conditions.

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Elbow joint pipes are available in different types, including:

90 Degree Elbow Joint Pipe: This elbow connects the pipe so that the pipe changes direction at a 90-degree angle, forming a right-angle turn. It is usually used where pipes are required to change direction vertically or horizontally.

45 Degree Elbow Joint Pipe: A 45 elbow joint pipe allows the pipe to change direction at a 45-degree angle. This type of elbow is usually used where a minor change in direction is required to reduce the resistance of the fluid or gas.

Long Degree Elbow Joint Pipe: Long elbows have a larger radius, allowing the pipe to change direction in a larger radius curve. They are usually used where smoother fluid flow is required to reduce drag and pressure losses.

Short Degree Elbow Joint Pipe: Short elbows have a smaller radius and are suitable for use in limited spaces or duct systems that require a compact design.

Elbow connecting pipes are used in a variety of industrial, construction, and piping applications, including water systems, oil and gas transmission, chemical plants, food processing plants, HVAC systems, and more. Selecting the appropriate type and size of elbow connecting pipe is important to ensure the proper operation and safety of your piping system.

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