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grooved fittings manufacturer

As a famous grooved fittings manufacturer and supplier in China, JIANZHI specializes in designing and producing trench piping system connection fittings. 

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We produce various sizes of mechanical coupling fittings for trench piping systems, JIANZHI grooved fittings manufacture in compliance with UL, CE, ISO and other certifications

Backed by state-of-the-art automated equipment and extensive manufacturing expertise, JIANZHI offers high quality pipe fitting accessories.

We also provide customized solutions for fire protection and water supply systems according to customers' specific requirements. If you have any questions related to fire protection and water system solutions, you can contact us by clicking here.

Grooved fittings

Grooved fittings are used to connect pipes in wet and dry water/gas systems. They offer some flexibility in terms of movement and deflection of the piping system.

The grooved pipe fitting systems are reliable and can be installed faster than welding, threading or flanging, so installation costs are minimal.

Grooved couplings are quick and easy to assemble. No special training is required. It is free of contaminants such as weld slag and pipe dope. And its installation costs can be controlled and estimates are more accurate.

The groove coupling can be easily disassembled for maintenance and repair of the piping system. It will promote cyclic rotation of the pipe to disperse internal wear from slurry or other abrasive media.

The groove coupling engages the pipe around its entire circumference and prevents the pipe ends from separating due to pressure and other forces up to the maximum coupling rated working pressure.

Grooved couplings to clamp tubes to provide a rigid system for use with standard recess sizes.

Mechanical fittings- type of grooved pipe fittings

Mechanical pipe joints are a special type of grooved pipe fittings, which are mainly divided into mechanical tees and mechanical crosses. According to the branch pipe connection method, it can be divided into groove connection and thread connection. There are four types in total. The following four pictures are the grooved mechanical tees, threaded mechanical tees, grooved mechanical tees, and threaded mechanical tees of Jianzhi Group.


1) Mechanical Tee

During the construction process, a mechanical tee is used when opening a hole on the main pipe to lead out the different-diameter branch pipe. There are two forms of grooved connection and threaded connection. There are usually several reasons for this type of connection:

l The installed main pipe needs to lead out the branch pipe somewhere.

l When it is necessary to lead one or more different-diameter branch pipes from a certain part of the pipeline, the length is fixed (usually 6 meters) (if the branch pipe is led out by a different-diameter tee, the main pipe must be cut off, which will cause inconvenience).

l Cost saving. (The material cost of using the reducing tee is higher than that of using the mechanical tee)

Generally, a mechanical tee is used when the outer diameter of the main pipe is ≥ 33, and a U-shaped mechanical tee is usually used when the diameter is between 33 and 60. The U-shaped mechanical tee is generally 21~33 (is Between 1/2" inch and 1" inch), and the connection method is threaded connection; the mechanical tee is mostly used between 60-219 calibers, and the connection method is slotting. and threaded connections. The needs are not much different.

2) Mechanical cross

It is used when it is necessary to open two holes in the symmetrical direction of the main pipe to lead out two branch pipes of different diameters. Grooved and threaded connections are available for the same reasons as mechanical tees.

The cost of using a mechanical tee or cross is lower than using a grooved tee or cross because there is no grooving process and use of clamp connections. If both connection methods are suitable, mechanical fittings are the economically better choice.


1)Hole spacing

When the mechanical tee is connected, the gap between the mechanical tee and the hole should be checked, and all parts should be flat, and then tightened in place. The distance between mechanical three-way holes should not be less than 1m, and the distance between mechanical cross holes should not be less than 2m.

2) Branch pipe diameter requirements

When the mechanical tee is connected to the mechanical cross, the diameter of the branch pipe shall meet the requirements in Table 1. When the connection between the main pipe and the branch pipe does not meet the requirements in Table 1, the grooved tee and the connection shall use four-way pipe fittings.

3) Rubber ring

Groove connections should use black EPDM C-rings. Good elasticity, no damage or deformation. There should be a gap in the middle of the C-shaped sealing ring after installation and compression.

A superior range of grooved fittings quality products for the infrastructure, fire protection and building services industries. Pipe fittings, grooved fittings, tubing and accessories provide a faster, simpler and safer way to connect fittings. Grooved fittings and accessories are used to connect pipes in wet and dry systems. 

We, as a grooved fitting manufacturer, offer some flexibility in the movement and deflection of the piping system.

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grooved fittings manufacturer- JIANZHI

JIANZHI is widely acclaimed for the grooved fittings it provides to its customers. Compared to welded or threaded, grooved fittings are quicker to install and therefore have the lowest installation costs.

JIANZHI offers you acatalog of grooved fittings. For immediate assistance,please contact us by email and our sales staff will assist you with your grooved fittings inquiries and answers!

Advantages of Jianzhi Group Mechanical Pipe Fittings


good quality

The critical stability of machinery used in fire protection systems is very important. For the forgeable pipe fittings produced by Jianzhi Group, each pipe fitting will undergo a quality test before leaving the factory, and only the pipe fittings that pass the test can be sold. In addition, Healthy Group has the highest commitment to quality in the industry. If you find a substandard product produced by Jianzhi Group in the market, you will receive a high reward from Jianzhi Group. Therefore, you don't have to worry about quality problems when you choose Jianzhi Group forged pipe fittings.


Strong supply capacity

After 40 years of development, Jianzhi Group has become a well-known professional manufacturer of mechanical pipe fittings in China. We have two super-large forged steel pipe fittings manufacturing plants in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China and Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, with strong supply capacity.

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