Different Types of Pipe Fittings in Plumbing System

Jun. 16, 2022

The role of pipe fittings in a plumbing system is to connect multiple pipes of the same size or different sizes to change direction, change size, and branch connections. Different pipe fittings play different roles according to shape or process requirements. They are made of different materials, common ones are copper, iron, brass, PVC, etc. There are many types of fittings used in plumbing systems, depending on their purpose and function.

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Pipe fittings types, applications and functions


Elbows are used to change the direction of pipes. According to the angle, there are usually 45 degrees and 90 degrees; there are also bends and U-shaped return bend. If two pipes of the same diameter are connected, an equal elbow can be used, otherwise, a reducing elbow can be used. Elbow fittings are generally threaded, with internal threads, or internal and external threads. There are also grooved pipe fittings without threads, which generally have 11.25 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees, and can be connected by groove couplings. Carbon steel elbow fittings can be connected by welding.

Application: Can be used to connect straight pipes, pipes and equipment, or pipes and pipes.

Function: The elbow is used to change the flow direction of the pipe. It is usually bent at an angle of 90 degrees or 45 degrees.

90 degree elbow90 degree elbow, reducing45 degree elbowBend 90 degree, femalereturn bend
90 degree elbow90 degree elbow, reducing45 degree elbowBend 90 degree, femalereturn bend

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The tee fitting is T-shaped with three outlets. The two pipes connected by it are perpendicular at 90 degrees. It can make a pipeline branch flow out from two outlets, or it can combine two inlet branch flows into one. According to the diameter of its three ports, it is divided into the equal tee and reducing tee.

Application: Can be used to divert, merge, or distribute fluids.

Function: Tee fittings have one inlet and two outlets and are often used to divide pipes into two directions or to merge two pipes into one.

Different Types of Pipe Fittings in Plumbing SystemDifferent Types of Pipe Fittings in Plumbing SystemDifferent Types of Pipe Fittings in Plumbing Systemimage.png
Equal teereducing teegrooved reducing teeLateral Y Branch, 45°

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A cross is a pipe fitting with four openings, connecting four pipes at right angles in twos. Because it is in the center of the four connection points, it experiences more stress. From this point of view, the raw materials of cross need to be of high quality, and the processing process needs to be very strict. Cross are commonly used in firefighting systems.

Application: Usually used to divide pipelines into two or three directions or to merge multiple pipelines.

Function: Similar to a tee, but a cross-fitting has one inlet and three outlets.


Cross, equal

Cross, reducing

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Coupling is a common pipe fitting that connects two pipes, and there are several types of equal, reducing and F&M. Precision threads ensure it won't leak. Couplings made of plastic are provided with gaskets or rubber seals on both sides to prevent leakage.

Application: Used to connect two sections of pipeline to form a continuous pipeline line.

Function: It is usually used to connect adjacent pipeline segments to ensure the integrity and sealing of the pipeline system.

Socket, entire threadedSocket, part threadedSocket, reducing Socket, M&FSocket, M&F,reducing
Socket, entire threadedSocket, part threaded Socket, reducing

Socket, M&F

Socket, M&F,reducing

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The function of the union is similar to the coupling, the difference is that the union is composed of three parts: the nut, the external thread and the internal thread. When needed, the central nut can be turned to remove the fitting without disturbing the rest of the pipe.

Application: Union is usually used to connect different parts of the pipeline system, such as pipes and pipes, pipes and valves, pipes and equipment, etc., to achieve the continuity and integrity of the pipeline system.

Function: Convenient when pipe maintenance, repair or pipe component replacement is required without having to dismantle the entire pipe line.

Union, flat seatUnion, flat seat, M
Union, conical seat,M&F
Union, flat seat

Union, flat seat, M&

Union, conical seat,M&F

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The nipple is externally threaded and is used to connect two pipes. The length of the Nipple is determined by the length of the thread. The center of the Nipple has a hexagonal cross-section to facilitate the wrench to turn it. 

Application: The nipple is usually used to connect two sections of the pipeline to make the pipeline system continuous. It can connect pipes of the same material or pipes of different materials.

Function: In some specific applications, the height or position of the pipe needs to be adjusted, and it can also be used as a connector to connect the pipe and accessories so that the accessories can be installed in the pipeline system.

Nipple, equalNipple, reducing
Nipple, equal

Nipple, reducing

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Plug and Cap

They are often used to temporarily restrict the flow of the plumbing system, which is necessary during inspection and repair work on piping systems.The plug is externally threaded and the cap is internally threaded.

Application: Usually used to seal the ends of pipes or other pipe openings that do not require connection.

Function: Effectively prevent liquid or gas leakage in pipelines, ensure that pipeline ports are completely sealed, and prevent external impurities from entering the pipeline system.

image.pngimage.pngPlug, beadedPlug, plain
Plug, beadedPlug, plain

Cap, roun

Cap, hexagon

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All the pipe fittings described above are mainly made of malleable iron. The pipe fittings adopt advanced production equipment and technology. Jianzhi Group has been focusing on making malleable steel pipe fittings for 40 years. Using KTH350-10 malleable cast iron, the tensile strength of our products is 10% higher than the national standard, and the elongation is 33% higher than the national standard. This means that our quality is absolutely trustworthy.

Their enduring popularity is due to the long service life of 60 to 80 years, and the high strength of the material. By choosing high-quality fittings, you will avoid many following troubles.

Please contact us for more details.

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