How To Connect Non-Threaded Galvanized Pipes?

Aug. 09, 2021

Connecting unthreaded galvanized pipe together using couplings that form sealed joints. It is important to know the type of coupling used for galvanized non threaded pipe fittings and the installation procedure so that the pipe does not leak. Depending on the type of zinc and steel heating process, the galvanized pipe has a rough or smooth zinc coating. Most conventional galvanized pipe is rough, which can be a concern when trying to securely seal two pipes. Next, the galvanized pipe fittings supplier will share the following content with you.

Steps: Determine the diameter of the pipe, determine the smoothness of the pipe, check the orientation of the pipe, clean the galvanized pipe, insert the unthreaded galvanized pipe and tighten the bolts. More details read on!

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Step 1

Use a tape measure to measure the outside diameter of each pipe. If the diameters match, choose a standard coupling. If the diameters are different, choose a stepped coupling.


Step 2

Look at the galvanized surface of the pipe to determine if the coating is rough or smooth. If the galvanized coating looks and feels textured, select a coupling manufactured to accommodate a rough surface pipe. Rough surface" couplings are required because they have tolerances for all types of uneven pipe surfaces, such as concrete and cast iron piping.

Galvanized Pipe Fittings

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Step 3

Align the carpenter's level with the end of the unthreaded pipe to check that the end is square. If the ends are not flush, cut the ends with a hacksaw or chainsaw to make each pipe level. Use a metal sander to remove the rough edges of the tube ends.


Step 4

Wipe the pipe with a cloth and water-based degreaser to remove dirt and stains from the joint area. Place the ends of the tubes together. Center the joint on the pipe fitting and mark a pencil line on each pipe at each end of the fitting.


Step 5

Insert one end of the unthreaded galvanized pipe into the fitting. Align the coupling end with the drawn line on the pipe. Insert the second pipe into the coupling and place the coupling centered between the two drawn lines.


Step 6

Tighten the fastening bolts until the coupling just holds the galvanized pipe in place. Use the torque wrench set at the coupling mark torque requirement to tighten the bolts evenly until the wrench clicks.

After learning how to connect threadless galvanized pipes, the galvanized pipe fittings manufacturer will explain how to clean galvanized steel pipes.

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How to clean galvanized steel pipes?

Galvanized steel pipes are used typically in plumbing applications where the metal is exposed constantly to moisture. To galvanize a steel pipe is to treat it with a special zinc-oxide coating to prevent oxidation and limit the damage to the pipe created by other corrosive elements. Cleaning galvanized pipe will extend the life of the zinc-oxide coating.

Step 1

Combine 1-gallon hot water, 1/4 cup dishwashing detergent, and 1 cup vinegar in a bucket.


Step 2

Dip the soft brush into the soap solution and scrub the pipe using small circular swirls.


Step 3

Rinse pipes with warm water and dry them.


Step 4

Apply metal polish using a lint-free rag in small circular rotations.


Step 5

Allow the metal polish to dry, then wipe clean.

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