Grooved Pipe Fittings

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Grooved Pipe Fittings

Grooved pipe fittings and couplings are used to join pipes in both wet and dry systems. Grooved pipe fittings consist of grooved rigid coupling, grooved flexible coupling, grooved elbow, grooved equal tee, grooved tee reducing, grooved equal cross, grooved threaded reducer concentric, grooved adaptor flange and other grooved replacement parts.

JIANZHI has been a manufacturer of grooved fittings with innovative designs, economical production practices, acceptable quality control and service-oriented marketing for the international market.JIANZHI grooved fittings manufacturer is widely accepted in most countries.


Typical applications for grooved pipe fittings and  couplings are sprinkler heads, pipe feeds from one building area to another, locations prone to earthquakes, discharge pipes above pump suction outlets, air or water fire protection pipes, pipe systems subjected to excessive vibration, installation in tight spaces or where pipe alignment is difficult. Especially in confined spaces such as sub-floors, UFAD systems, crawl spaces, trenches and tunnels

  ASK FOR Grooved Pipe Fittings PRICE  FROM Grooved Fittings Manufacturer 


Tensile strength 450 MPa, elongation 12%. The internal control standard of the construction branch company stipulates that the tensile strength should not be less than 500 MPa and the elongation should not be less than 15%. The actual test results reached an average tensile strength of over 660 MPa, with the highest reaching over 700 MPa. The average elongation reached more than 17%, with the highest reaching more than 20%.


Cost saving: The slotted piping system is the most versatile, reliable and economical piping system.

Easy to connect: it is more reliable than threaded or flanged connections and typically allows for 2 to 4 times faster installation.

Installation flexibility: flexible grooved pipe joints offer the flexibility needed for vibration damping or installation in earthquake-prone areas.

Easy maintenance: Each pipe joint is a flexible joint and removing the grooved pipe fittings and  couplings allows the pipe to be removed for cleaning, servicing and maintenance. It also allows the flexibility to change piping systems and add/remove equipment.

Low noise and vibration: noise and vibration are isolated using grooved pipe fittings and  couplings. Resilient gaskets absorb noise and vibration, resulting in a quieter system. Provides excellent vibration damping without the need for noise suppression devices.

Safe and reliable: the grooved pipe joint allows expansion and contraction of the pipe joint without compromising the integrity of the connection. It eliminates the need for expensive expansion joints. Grooved pipe joints also eliminate pipe stresses in buried and underground pipes.


The concept of the grooved fittings and  couplings was invented in 1925 when Victaulic designed the first mechanical coupling and fitting .

  ASK FOR Grooved Pipe Fittings PRICE  FROM Grooved Fittings Manufacturer 

Grooved fittings manufacturer

As a grooved fittings manufacturer, JIANZHI can add grooved ends to any of our branch pipes, tees, true Y's, crosses, elbows (ells), bends, return bends and custom fittings.

JIANZHI are adding a complete catalogue of grooved fittings to our online shopping. For immediate assistance, please contact us and one of our sales staff will assist you with your enquiry!

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