What are black pipe and fitting used for?

Mar. 14, 2022

Threaded cast iron black pipe fittings are used to connect black steel or black iron pipe for transporting gas or water, protecting electrical wiring, or delivering high-pressure steam or air. These uncoated black steel and iron fittings are made from corrosion-resistant, ungalvanized steel with a scaly, black-coloured iron oxide coating. Fittings like these are used to switch directions in piping systems or to connect to equipment and devices. Threaded fittings connect to pipes using male and female thread connections, such as NPT (National Pipe Thread) or BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper). The fittings are available in many sizes and shapes.


Jianzhi Black Pipe Fittings

In order to ensure the normal and efficient use of black pipe fittings and pipes and avoid unnecessary losses caused by human factors, we need to pay attention to many problems during installation. Many people do not understand the installation methods and precautions, resulting in issues. Below, Jianzhi will introduce some knowledge in this area to you.

A. Pipe spout threading: Pipe spout threading is a key link to ensure the quality of installation. It is only by ensuring that the pipeline spout threading has no twills or skewed wires that qualified pipe fittings can be connected correctly and securely to pipeline systems.

B. Bracket Installation: black Pipe fittings are used for steel pipe connection, and brackets must be installed in accordance with the correct construction methods and installation standards.

1. This is the correct position. flat and firm are necessary.

2. The fixed bracket needs to be in close contact with the pipeline, and the fixed should be firm. If there is a problem, it needs to be corrected in time.

3. The sliding bracket should be flexible, there should be a gap of 3 to 5 mm on both sides of the sliding bracket and the chute. Additionally, the longitudinal movement should meet the design requirements.

C. Thermal pipeline retractor:black Pipes and pipe fittings have temperature-dependent expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. The pipeline expands and deforms when heated, and breaks when cold shrinks. The thermal pipeline retractor can help to avoid this phenomenon.

D. Hydraulic pressure test: After the installation of the black pipe fittings, the pressure test must be done before concealment and decoration, so as to avoid unnecessary loss of manpower and financial resources caused by pressure test leakage.


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