What factors are related to the quality of pipe fittings

Mar. 13, 2024

A.Malleable iron pipe fittings

Malleable iron pipe fittings are often used to connect water systems, gas systems, fire protection systems, etc. Once you buy fake and inferior products, sometimes it will not only cause economic losses but even threaten lives. So, how can you buy high-quality, malleable iron pipe fittings?

1. Look at the manufacturers that produce casting products. When purchasing casting products, you should look at the manufacturers that produce pipe fittings, their technology and equipment, processes, and techniques. Each process can directly affect the quality of the malleable iron pipe fittings produced.

What factors are related to the quality of pipe fittings

Jianzhi malleable iron pipe fitting

2. Distinguish the quality of malleable iron pipe fittings from their appearance.

3. First of all, malleable cast iron pipe fittings are tough casting products. If an external force strikes them, if there are dents or a small amount of deformation on the surface but no cracks, it means that the material properties are acceptable.

4. Second, check the thread length. The thread length of fake and inferior products generally appears to be extremely short.

5. From the perspective of the surface anti-rust treatment of malleable iron pipe fittings, the galvanizing specified in GB/T3287-2000 refers to hot-dip galvanizing with better anti-corrosion performance. Its process flow is to perform hot-dip galvanizing before processing the pipe fittings. The zinc layer is There is a transition layer between the base bodies that penetrate each other. The zinc layer is particularly firmly combined with the pipe fitting base body, so there is no zinc layer on the surface of the pipe fittings. On the other hand, fake and inferior products are processed with electro-galvanizing or other coating treatments after the pipe fittings are processed. The surface of the pipe fittings is covered with a zinc metal film layer (paint), and the galvanized layer is thin and easy to fall off. Its cost is much lower, and its anti-corrosion performance is poor. After it is installed on the pipeline, water leakage will occur.

What factors are related to the quality of pipe fittings

Jianzhi malleable iron pipe fitting

6. Plastic, malleable steel pipe fittings will inevitably reduce the outer diameter, have a thinner wall thickness, and shorten the mid-length size. They are generally more than 10% lighter than pipe fittings that meet national standards. We can ask the manufacturer to provide cut pipe fittings to check the wall thickness of the pipe fittings.

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