How to identify the quality of grooved pipe fittings?

Mar. 20, 2024

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the growing demand for pipeline engineering, grooved pipe fittings have been widely used in the construction and engineering fields. Users favor this type of pipe fitting because of its corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of installation. So, what are the specifications for grooved pipe fitting technology? How to identify the quality of grooved pipe fittings?

A. Technical specifications for grooved pipe fittings

1. In appearance, the surface of the grooved pipe fittings is smooth and flat, without pores, scars, cracks, or other inferior phenomena. The coating thickness on the surface is uniform, shiny, and has no bubbles. The rubber sealing ring has no impurities or cracks and is complete and clear. Mark.

2. The mark should be clearly and permanently marked on the most visible position of the pipe fitting. The model, specifications, and name should be marked, and the rated working pressure should be marked so that the operator can operate safely and correctly. The sealing ring should be clearly, accurately, and permanently marked with the seal number, production unit, trademark, and material code of the sealing ring.

3. The shell material of the grooved pipe fittings is ductile iron. If no ductile iron is used but other materials with lower strength and corrosion resistance than ductile iron, it should also comply with the corresponding national standards. In addition, the bolts should be galvanized or used. Bolts should be made of other materials with the same corrosion resistance, and seals should be made of materials that are not hazardous to shipping and other spare parts.

How to identify the quality of grooved pipe fittings?

Jianzhi Grooved Pipe Fitting

B. Precautions when connecting grooved pipe fittings to pipes

1. After the grooved pipe fittings are connected to the pipeline, they exist as part of the overall pipeline and need to withstand a certain pressure. If we do not pay attention to the inspection during the production process, or the inspector is careless, cracks or damage may occur. Then, when the pipeline is undergoing normal operation and pressure test, it will burst, causing all pipelines to be blocked, which may cause heavy losses to personnel and the economy.

2. The grooved pipe fitting itself cannot be connected and needs to be used together with the sealing ring. If the version and size of the two do not match, and if they are used together, if there is no leakage, it will also cause long-term insufficient pressure supply. , if you are on a high floor, you will obviously feel that the supply of tap water or natural gas is insufficient, which will affect our normal life.

C. Quality identification method of grooved pipe fittings

Each user's identification methods and standards for the quality of grooved pipe fittings are different, and they are all measured according to their own use conditions. However, for most merchants, our measurement standards and requirements are still the same.

1. Whether the workmanship is fine and not rough is the first appearance standard that we can see with the naked eye. If the artistry is very sloppy, it is basically certain that a regular manufacturer does not produce it, and it isn't easy to guarantee the after-sales and quality system. of;

2. Is the sealing degree good enough? Many pipe fittings and sealing rings are different from one another. Even if we use a grooving machine to process both ends of the pipe well enough, it will not make up for it; it will inevitably cause the sealing to deteriorate after use. It is not strong enough, resulting in water or air leakage. This is also a common criterion for inspecting grooved pipe fittings;

3. For any product, every product is flawed. Even if a regular manufacturer produces it, there may be defects. This depends on whether the manufacturer is insured by an insurance company, which can provide certain protection for our use

How to identify the quality of grooved pipe fittings?

Jianzhi Grooved Pipe Fitting

The above three measurement standards are our most basic and most universal. Then, each buyer makes their measurement standards based on their actual situation. After all, the use of grooved pipe fittings is becoming more and more widespread, and we also need to be universal and specialized. Standards are measured in combination with each other.

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