Installation requirements for grooved fittings

Feb. 25, 2022

To ensure the sealing of your pipes, it is important to know how to select your groove fittings, and as a manufacturer of groove fittings, we can help you with your selection.

Here we will introduce you one by one

Installation requirements:

1. Select the appropriate sealing ring when ordering groove parts. Different media in the pipeline require sealing rings of different materials. At present, there are eight kinds of sealing rings of different materials on the market for different media.

2. Pipe grooves (also called rolling grooves) are the key process of pipe connection and an imperative link that determines the connection quality of grooved parts. The width and depth dimensions of the grooves must meet the requirements. When rolling grooves, the end of the pipe should be flat and free of burrs. The port should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe so that the rolled groove can be perpendicular to the central axis of the pipe. At the same time, the length from the groove to the pipe end should be equal. If the ovality of the pipe and the wall thickness of the welded galvanized pipe are not uniform, they should be corrected as much as possible when rolling grooves, otherwise the grooves will be uneven in-depth, and their tightness cannot be guaranteed.

3. For groove connection of seamless steel pipes, products that have been galvanized by regular manufacturers should be selected. Because of the long-term storage of steel pipes, which can result in oxidative rust, there is usually no guarantee of the quality of galvanizing if the method is used of purchasing seamless steel pipes and then having them galvanized. The adhesion of the galvanized layer is poor, and the galvanized layer is easy to crack or even fall off during the rolling groove, thus affecting the sealing and service life. In order to achieve good sealing performance after the pipeline is installed, in addition to purchasing grooved parts with good performance and ensuring that the sealing ring is not damaged, the flange and outer edge of the sealing ring need to be coated with a layer of neutral lubricant during installation to ensure the lip of the sealing ring. The edge and the pipe sealing ring fit more tightly.

4. The use of grooved rigid couplings and grooved flexible couplings for pipes in grooved parts should be reasonable. Grooved rigid couplings are used for pipe ends that require rigid connections in low-pressure pipelines, such as spray risers, long-distance straight pipelines, valves, equipment, etc., and are required to be used in occasions where displacement, cornering and twisting are not allowed in the pipeline to obtain high rigidity. The grooved flexible coupling is suitable for the connection of medium and low-pressure pipelines. After installation, the pipeline is allowed to have appropriate shrinkage and declination to compensate for the slight displacement of the pipeline. It is more suitable for pipeline installation in uneven environments; it can also absorb noise, vibration, and seismic stress. It is generally used in the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water pump in the fire protection system.


Installation requirements for grooved fittings 

Jianzhi grooved flexible coupling

5. In the case of using a hanger with the fire horizontal pipe installed far apart, it is recommended to use grooved flexible couplings in the middle to ensure that the axial channelling is not too big, so as not to affect the bending of the lateral branch pipe connected to it.

6. When there is a certain temperature difference in the installation of fire pipelines when using fixed brackets and anti-sway brackets for pipelines, grooved flexible couplings and grooved rigid couplings can be used in combination, so that the axial force generated by pressure or temperature difference changes will not affect the bending of the lateral branch pipe.



As an advanced pipeline connection method, grooved pipe fittings can be either exposed or buried, including grooved rigid couplings and grooved flexible couplings. Therefore, it has a broad scope of application.

① According to the system: it can be used for the firewater system, air conditioning cold and hot water system, water supply system, petrochemical pipeline system, military pipeline system, sewage treatment pipeline system, etc.; 

② According to the pipe material: it can be used to connect steel pipes, copper pipes, stainless steel pipes, plastic-lined steel pipes, ductile iron pipes, thick-walled plastic pipes, and hoses and valves with steel pipe joints and flange joints.

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