Grooved Couplings: The Fastest Way to Connect Pipe

Aug. 11, 2022

Grooved Couplings: The Fastest Way to Connect Pipe

Before the appearance of grooved couplings, the coupling of metal pipes has experienced coupling methods such as welding, threaded couplings, flange couplings and so on.

Welding and flange couplings need to be connected by electric welding, which has high requirements for electric welding operators. Otherwise, leakage of solder joints will easily occur in the welding parts, and the welding process is relatively labor-intensive and time-consuming. For a certain distance, a telescopic bend should be added to solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction, and there are many disadvantages such as long construction period and inability to perform outdoor construction in rainy days.

Threaded coupling is also called threading coupling. Special threading equipment is required during construction. The threading speed of small-diameter pipes is relatively fast, but when the diameter is greater than or equal to DN80, the threading speed is very slow and the threading quality is average, which is labor-consuming and time-consuming. Therefore, this coupling method is generally used for metal pipes with a diameter of ≤ DN65, while large-diameter pipes are connected by welding or flange couplings. In this way, there is also the need to increase telescopic bends for long-distance couplings.

Groove couplings organically combines threaded coupling, flange couplings and groove couplings, which effectively overcomes various shortcomings of welding, threaded couplings, flange couplings and other coupling methods. It is a revolution of metal pipeline coupling.  This coupling method has many advantages such as simple and fast installation; earthquake resistance; thermal expansion resistance and cold contraction resistance; convenient disassembly and assembly; low maintenance cost. So far, there is no better and more advanced metal pipe coupling method to replace the groove coupling, so it has become the first choice for metal pipe coupling methods.


Advantages of Grooved Fitting Couplings

1. The installation speed is fast. The grooved pipe fittings only need to install the standard parts supplied and do not need subsequent work such as welding and galvanizing, so the installation speed is significantly faster than the threaded couplings and flange couplings, and the pipe can be automatically centered and aligned through the clamp. The construction efficiency can be greatly improved, and the pipeline installation period can be effectively shortened.

2. Easy to install. The number of bolts to be fastened for grooved pipe fittings is small, the operation is convenient, and only a wrench is required for disassembly and assembly.


3. Economy. The grooved clamp coupling will not damage the galvanized layer, and the pipeline does not need to be installed, galvanized and transported twice, so the installation cost is greatly reduced. Its installation speed is fast, which can shorten the construction period, make the project put into use in advance, and create economic benefits in advance.


4. It is not limited by the installation site and is easy to maintain. The grooved pipe fittings can be pre-assembled first, and can be adjusted arbitrarily before the bolts are locked. The piping sequence has no direction. It can be operated in a relatively small working space and place. It only needs to remove 2 joints for cleaning and replacement during maintenance. 

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