Where can grooved pipe fittings be used?What are the advantages?

Jul. 23, 2021

  Grooved pipe fitting connection is a telescopic quick connection, composed of a combination hoop, C-type rubber sealing ring, and fasteners, after the special grooving machine processing into ring groove, the rubber sealing ring is installed on the adjacent pipe end sleeve, and assembly and connection of rubber sealing ring, C-type rubber sealing ring and fasteners.?It has the advantages of quick installation, simple, safe, reliable, economic, no welding, no pollution and so on. It saves the cost of labor and artificial machinery, can absorb the noise, vibration propagation, thermal expansion, and cold contraction of the pipeline in operation, and is convenient for the maintenance of the pipeline, and is not limited by the installation site.So, what are the advantages of groove fitting connection?Let Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group help you to answer in detail:

  Connection advantages of grooved pipe fittings

  1, simple operation

  The operation of connecting the groove fitting is very simple and does not require special expertise.?Ordinary workers can operate it with simple training.?This is because the product passes through the factory with a large number of sophisticated technical components incorporated into the finished product.?It only takes a few minutes to connect the pipe fitting, which simplifies the technical difficulty of field operation to the maximum extent, saves the man-hour, stabilizes the project quality, and improves the work efficiency.?This is also the general direction of installation technology development.

  However, the traditional pipe welding and flange connection method, not only needs a certain level of technical welding workers but also needs a long time, the operation is difficult, there is welding smoke pollution.?Due to the difference in working space and welding technology, the welding quality and appearance are difficult to achieve satisfactory results, which affects the overall quality of the project.

  In addition, because the trench pipe fittings are finished products, the operation space required by the site is small, which can really achieve the wall, corner installation, greatly reduce the operation difficulty, save the footprint, beautify the pipe installation effect.

  2, does not affect the original characteristics of the pipeline

  In the connection of the groove pipe fitting, only a groove is extruded on the outer surface of the pipe fitting by the groove rolling machine, without damaging the inner wall structure of the pipe fitting, which is the unique technical advantage of the groove pipe fitting connection.?In conventional welding methods, many pipe walls coated with anti-corrosion coating will be damaged.?So the specification of galvanized pipe, lining plastic steel pipe, steel - plastic composite pipe.?No welding or flanged connection, otherwise secondary treatment is required.

  3, conducive to construction safety

  Adopting bevel pipe connection technology, only cutting machine, slope roller, and movable hand is needed to tighten bolts on-site, which makes construction organization convenient.?Welding and flanged connections require complex power cables, cutting tools, welders, oxygen cylinders, and acetylene cylinders, creating complexity for construction organization and potential risk of leakage and fire.?At the same time, welding and gas cutting produced welding slag inevitably fall into the pipeline, easy to cause pipe valve and even equipment in use blockage but also polluted the water quality in the pipeline.

  In addition, welding and flange connection will inevitably need a long time of high-strength work at high altitude, production safety accidents are also prone to occur.

  4. The system is stable and easy to maintain

  The trench pipe connection has unique flexibility, which enables the pipe to resist vibration, shrinkage, and expansion.?Compared to welded and flanged connections, the ductwork system is more stable and more suitable for temperature changes, thus protecting the pipe valve parts and reducing the damage to structural parts caused by pipe stresses.

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