2023 congratulations on the SIRIM certification of JIANZHI malleable iron pipe fittings!

Jun. 16, 2023

2023 congratulations on the SIRIM certification of JIANZHI malleable iron pipe fittings!


In Malaysia, SIRIM certification is highly recognised for malleable iron products. SIRIM (Standards and Industrial Research Institute) is the national standards and quality certification body in Malaysia. Gain more market opportunities and increase your market share.


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SIRIM Certification



For JIANZHI malleable iron pipe fittings, SIRIM certification offers several advantages:


1.Conformity to Malaysian National Standards: SIRIM certification ensures that the malleable iron products conform to Malaysian national standards and requirements, such as the Malaysian Standard (MS).


2.Increased market trust: The SIRIM certification mark is a sign of recognition that the product complies with the relevant standards and can enhance the credibility and market competitiveness of malleable iron pipe fittings.



3.Compliance with regulatory requirements: certain building projects and fire protection areas may require the use of SIRIM certified products to ensure compliance with regulatory and safety requirements.


4.Product Quality and Reliability: SIRIM certification provides stringent audits and tests for product quality control and reliability, helping to improve product quality and performance. The rigorous audit and testing of JIANZHI malleable iron pipe fittings has enabled us to provide a more reliable product for the Malaysian market.


With the continued growth of the construction and industrial sectors in Malaysia, the market for marmalade products is expected to maintain a steady demand. With the rise of sustainable construction and green technology, the demand for environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable piping systems is also on the rise, which will provide new opportunities and challenges for malleable iron products. JIANZHI Group's malleable iron pipe fittings connections will provide the Malaysian market with more cost effective fittings.



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JIANZHI Black Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

If you are interested in the plumbing pipe fittings produced by Jianzhi Group, you are welcome to inquire with us through the contact information displayed in the background of our official website. We will reply you as soon as possible and look forward to cooperating with you.



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